Families and Parenting

Getting Kids to wind down using Sonos Alarms

We like to get our younger kids to start to wind-down shortly after dinner, and try to get them to fall asleep by 8:30.

One of the nice things about Sonos is the ability to schedule alarms, which can play internet radio stations and Apple Music playlists.

At night, we play some white-noise in their bedroom. Prior to this, we have an ambient radio station playing.

It’s calming, and when it comes on it’s like a subtle background reminder that “bedtime is coming up.”

Note– These instructions are for S1.

Step 1: Pick a calming station or playlist

Step 2: Add the station to your Sonos Favorites

Step 3: Add an Alarm

Our schedule:

  • 7:30 PM, Ambient Sleeping Pill automatically begins playing
  • 8:00 PM, switches to a playlist called “Sleep Sounds,” which consists of a single track, Airplane Ambient by Thomas Blofeld.